Vision & Mision

Our Vision

1. To make concentrated efforts for improvement in productivity and elimination of wastages by Total Quality Control.
2. To exercise maximum care to manufacture quality product by employing a team of highly skilled technicians and professional managers.
3. To redress customers complaints promptly.
4. To develop new market locally and abroad for optimum utilization of production capacity.
5. To utilize optimum resources through good corporate governance for better servicing.
6. The interests of all stakeholders.

Our Mission

Pacific A-1 Group is committed to provide quality products to its customers as per international standard and best suited to local environment at affordable price. Pacific A-1 Group has sailed on its journey in the year of 2004. Innovating has always been very important for us since we operate in an environment that constantly evolves and changes. Hence Pacific A-1 Group adopted the strategy of developing a major Bangladesh based manufacturing business through acquisitions and other means from a raw materials trader. Pacific A-1 Group is operated by European latest technologies with around 1000 employee and nationwide distribution networks. So you are single one or corporate business operator, Pacific Group can tailor its brand, sales service and distribution especially to your needs and expectations.
Why we chose Brand of Pacific Group
3. Nation wide sales and distribution with after sales service support as per customer’s needs and expectation.
4. Strong sales and distribution networks all over Bangladesh and step away to tailoring the international market
5. European standard technology base auto equipped manufacturing plant.
6. ATP and ETP provide the support to protect the environment
7. Pacific A-1 Group is internationally certified company with ISO, AJA , OHSAS and UKAS
8. Around thousand employees with technology marketing and management expertise to provide effective and efficient service to clients.
9. Special active materials formulation and vacuums dry charge battery manufacturer and marketer in Bangladesh
10. Highly competitive price structure resulting to enjoying the high performance of product and absence of corporate overheads.