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Pacific A-1 Group has sailed on its journey in the year of 2000. Innovating has always been very important for us since we operate in an environment that constantly evolves and changes. Hence Pacific A-1 Group adopted the strategy of developing a major Bangladesh based manufacturing business through acquisitions and other means from a raw materials trader. Pacific Group is committed to provide quality products to its customers as per international standard and best suited to local environment at affordable price.

Pacific A-1 Group (PGL) now has operations and investments across a wide range of industries including Textiles, Footwear, Jute, trading, and energy. The Textile division is a fully integrated manufacturer of woolen blended sweater for men, women and children for export markets. Pacific A-1 Sweater Limited, a 100% Export Oriented Computerized Jacquard Knitting Industry by PGL , which manufacture quality of Men’s, Ladies & Kids Pullover / Cardigan / Jumper / Sweater etc with present capacity of 4, 50, 000 dozens of sweater per year. This unit has 400 sets of computerized Running Tiger Brand Jacquard Machines (Made in Germany/China) to produce all types of fully fashioned Jacquard / Intarsia Styles in the factory. PGL is also one of the largest exporters of Jute product in Bangladesh with a presence of more than 10 countries. Pacific Footwear Industries Ltd. is a 100% export oriented and an Italy Bangladesh Joint venture Leather Footwear manufacturing company by PGL and exemplifies the internationally established codes of social accountability and ethical business practices. The Air-Condition division is committed to delivering highest quality products suitable for residential and commercial applications. Soon we are opening a new shoe project which is an Italy-Bangladesh Joint Venture Footwear Manufacturing Company.

Pacific A-1 Group is committed to provide quality products to its customers as per international standard and best suited to local environment at affordable price. Pacific A-1 Group is operated by European latest technologies with around 5000 employee and with nationwide & international distribution networks. So, either you are single one or corporate business operator, Pacific A-1 Group can tailor its brand, sales service and distribution especially to your needs and expectations.

Why you choose Brand of Pacific A-1 Group?

  • Superb organizational culture & values practices in Pacific A-1 Group.
  • Diversified manufacturing industries & latest high technological engagement.
  • World class production quality & capacity for the 100% export products.
  • Different businesses all over Bangladesh and step away to tailoring the international market.
  • European standard technology base auto equipped manufacturing plant.
  • ATP and ETP provide the support to protect the environment.
  • Pacific A-1 Group is internationally certified company with ISO, BSCI, Alliance and UKAS.
  • Around 5000 employees with modern technology and expertise to provide effective and efficient service to clients.
  • Fully export oriented Jute, Footwear, Sweater, Knitwear, Air conditioner manufacturer.
  • Highly competitive price structure resulting to enjoying the high performance of product and absence of corporate overheads.

Pacific A-1 Group is an experienced company dedicated to quality and management efficiency of resource. Our aim has always been to achieve excellence through innovation. Our track record of business earned as a reputation for being creative, technologically advanced and extremer responsive to our customer. We believe our sacred responsibility is to repay the debt to the soil which gave us birth.
Our two greatest assets are people & integrity. We have a highly motivated , experienced and hardworking team of people from diverse backgrounds & experience . About all, we are dedicated to our customer and their satisfaction.

Nasrin Zaman Kakoly
Pacific A-1 Group

The community is not just a stakeholder in the business, but is, in fact, was the key purpose behind the creation of Pacific A-1 Group” are not only the words by the Founder S M Hasanuzaman Tito but he strongly believes in Social Responsibility and Community uplift in all the ventures. At Pacific A-1 Group, we are underpinned by a firm belief that the sustainable business is the only business, which generates better long-term value for all its stakeholders. Sustainability has always been the core value of the Pacific A-1 Group, since its inception this is reflected in the theme of our Business Making good business better & taking Bangladesh to the world”. We believe a business beyond generating financial returns and prosperity needs to have a positive impact and peace of mind on all its stakeholders and bring satisfaction for all concerned in any way. The trust and confidence of the Customer or Consumer or even the Venture is multiplied when they know it is the end result or outcome of services and processes executed ethically and in a sustainably fair way. Employees and business partners experience pride and engage better when working with a business that makes such choices. Investors recognize that such businesses generate healthier long-term returns. Communities are supportive when businesses co-exist in harmony and also support development. Pacific A-1 Group has identified six core pillars, which are integrated into its strategy – CUSTOMER FOCUS, INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY, TEAMWORK, EXCELLENCE, CSR ACTIVITIES.

One of our most important company assets is our reputation for ethical behavior, honesty and fair-play. As you know, reputation is an extremely fragile asset that can easily be dented by the actions or failures of one or more of us. Because of unprecedented scrutiny on corporate behavior, we need to emphasize and reinforce our commitment and adherence to these Standards. PSL’s Standards of Business Conduct are your guide to your ethical and legal responsibilities with respect to your status as an employee, as well as your dealings with our customers, competitors, and suppliers.

I would like to reiterate that at Pacific A-1 Group, how we achieve business growth and profits is far more important over the quantum of growth and profits we achieve. I am sure you will feel great pride as you read through the pages of its profile. Pacific A-1 Group, making good business better, it is about sustainability in business practices as well as in the business growth.
S.M. Hasanuzzaman
Managing Director & CEO

Pacific A-1 Group (PGL) corporate mission is Making good business better & taking Bangladesh to the world. Our motto is to attain highest level of competence through continuous development of the professional management & to generate employment and earn dignity & self-respect for our compatriots through profitable enterprises.

Our vision is supported by our values. These values help us do our best and earn us the support of all our stakeholders.

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